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A Note about Music

We take time and pride into creating the best music playlists for each class each day; never the same, our playlists keep the classes rockin' with a steady beat and great energy to make you sweat.  Our music will help set the mood and motivate you for an intense workout each time you arrive to class.


get fit with Kardio Kick Gym's kickboxing classes45 Minutes
Kardio Kickboxing is a high-energy kickboxing full body workout. Our class focuses on interval training, working your cardiovascular fitness by incorporating strength, plyometric exercises, and of course combinations on the heavy bag.

Our mission is pretty simple: We bring to you physical fitness & fun. You bring to us your very best and remember that YOUR "best" will always be different than someone else's "best".

Classes are structured to allow each individual the ability to reach his or her fitness goals, whether a beginner or an advanced athlete. Best of all, it's designed for ALL fitness levels!!!

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Kardio BootKamp

Come prepared to sweat, breathe hard and get super fit! All levels are welcome and the program allows each athlete to go at their own pace. Full 45 min any type cardio the instructor feels like throwing at you! No two-workouts are the same. Athletes should expect a total body workout. This 10 week session will take you through interval training, sprint and agility drills, stations, plyometrics, body weight strength drills, cardio mix and much more!

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Kids BootKamp

Children (Ages 5-12) train in this specialized, fun class to get active and stay active. They are taught the fundamental mind set to exercise, to stay healthy, and to eat right. These classes are high energy and fight boredom and weight problems. Children will also learn the importance of teamwork. Classes start out with basic stretches and move to cardio kickboxing drills/exercises and strength work using their own body weight, heavy bags, bosus, resistant bands, and TRX.

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Hot Barre

hot barre method in Central IowaIn a 90-100 degree room with 40% humidity and using a ballet BARRE-method along with elements from pilates & yoga, hot barre is a total body experience to create long lean muscles. You're going to sweat and your muscles are going to feel like molten lava as you take them to their max.

Why Heat? To quickly raise core body temp, which accelerates the fat burning process. The heat also very healing to both mind & body, eliminating toxins and allows the body to go deeper into poses and stretches. Small hand weights and playground balls will be used. You will need yoga mat, hand towel, and large bottle of water (mats are sold at gym). Class size limited. Pre register. Arrive 15 min early.

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Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a series of postures performed to music in a heated room. This class systematically works the entire body, toning your muscles, promoting weight loss, reducing stress and increasing your overall vitality. Incorporating strength, balance, and flexibility, hot yoga teaches each student poses to stimulate the mind and restore and shape the body.

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Fit & Fierce

Fit & Fierce is an excellent class geared towards; individuals who are bouncing back to the gym for the first time in awhile, anyone looking for LOW IMPACT / LOW RESISTANCE, 50 and above, and ALL individuals who are just simply seeking to exercise, burn calories and get a great sweat sesh in! This class is meant for YOU!"

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TRX Extreme

Nothing fancy about this workout other then it's an hour and 15 minutes of hardcore butt kicking! This class combines all of the classes above in one class where we focus on total body and bootcamp style workouts with some light cardio, weights and the TRX! All fitness levels are welcome and progression can be worked in each time.

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45 minutes of cardio Tabata with intervals of building abs of steel. Tabata is one of the most WICKED – effective cardio-metabolic-conditioning.

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Hot Kardio Butts and Guts

Kardio barre full body workout targeting abdominals and glutes with high intensity cardio intervals. Designed to raise heart rate, maximize calorie burn.

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Hot Kardio Express

Rev up your metabolism, torch calories and burn serious fat with this Tabata style class which combines classic barre exercises with shot burst of cardio. We pack all the punch of a regular class into 35 min.

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High/Low Strength & Cardio

Get a little bit of everything in this low weight strength & cardio class. Taylor will mix body weight exercises with using variety or equipment like bosu, steps, med balls and weights to keep the body guessing.

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Vitality classes are geared towards participants who want to lead an active lifestyle, exercises are chosen to improve strength, range of motion, endurance and balance.

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About Us

Kardio Kick Gym is a family owned and operated fitness center. The owners, Ty and Marsha Mapes, have a passion for fitness, competitive edge, are enthusiasts, personal trainers, and often times are involved in competitions (such as weight bench pressing). You will always find the owners and many instructors on hand at the gym.

There will always be someone on hand that will show you how to use the equipment and weights so that you do it correctly, achieve results, and do not sustain injury. We feel it's important to know the equipment, and to have a good routine to follow, so you dont get bored or hurt.

Phone: (515) 468-0795
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Why Kardio Kick Gym?


Conveniently located in the heart of Madison County, Iowa, serving Winterset, Greenfield, St. Charles, Earlham, and surrounding areas.


Durable, high quality facility and equipment.


Passionate, knowledgable, expert staff.