What is KickBoxing?

Do you want to burn fat and tone up?
Muscle and Fitness Magazine rates Fitness Kickboxing as the number one fat burner, with over 1,200 calories burned during a one hour class! At Kardio Kick Gym, you will be burning fat and toning up by punching and kicking a real, hanging heavy bag. The resistance from hitting a hanging heavy bag burns more calories and tones your muscles up faster than if you were just punching and kicking the air. We keep the punches and kicks basic to focus on the fitness aspect of the workout rather than the martial art itself. Since the class is for both beginners and advanced members, it is geared for each member to go at your own pace and build up your pace each class. Unlike the fitness kickboxing classes offered at other gyms where all you hit is air, WE uses REAL HEAVY BAGS to give you REAL RESULTS.

What to expect at your first Kickboxing Class

  1. Plan on arriving 10-15  minutes before class, get registered (if you havent already done so), stretch out and warm up muscles.
  2. Wear comfortable gym clothes (sweats, shorts, t-shirt and if wearing sneakers, be sure they have Little to NO tread) and bring a bottle of water.
  3. You will need to wear protective boxing or martial arts gloves. Gloves are for sale at the gym for $35.
  4. Class lasts 45 minutes. Be prepared to sweat and have the best - and most fun - workout ever!


What equipment do I need?
You need gloves for our kickboxing classes. We recommend fingerless, Title boxing or Harbinger gloves (which you can purchase at the gym). We have gloves you can wear on your first visit.  Our classes are an intense workout so we recommend bringing a towel.

Do I have to wait for a specific start date?
NO, The start dates will be prorated as to when you begin.

How often does a new 3 month program begin?
We begin new 3 month programs regularly due to the high demand we have received.

Do I have to have previous kickboxing experience?
No, We will cover basic form and technique, and the more you are in class the quicker you will pick up combinations. Instructors are always willing to assist and help with modifications, and correcting form.

Are there advanced classes and beginner classes?
The classes are not run at different levels, but because everyone is working with their own heavy bag you are able to go at your own pace. We encourage you to go slow in the beginning and as you take more classes increase your intensity.

Are there age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions. If a young adult under the age of 18 is interested (freshman and up), a parent/guardian must sign a permission form for them to take a class.

Are the classes coed?
Yes, we have both male and female members and the classes are mixed.

What are the membership rates?
Please feel free to pick up a Kardio Kick Gym class information package at the front desk or check our rates online.

About Us

Kardio Kick Gym is a family owned and operated fitness center. The owners, Ty and Marsha Mapes, have a passion for fitness, competitive edge, are enthusiasts, personal trainers, and often times are involved in competitions (such as weight bench pressing). You will always find the owners and many instructors on hand at the gym.

There will always be someone on hand that will show you how to use the equipment and weights so that you do it correctly, achieve results, and do not sustain injury. We feel it's important to know the equipment, and to have a good routine to follow, so you dont get bored or hurt.

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Why Kardio Kick Gym?


Conveniently located in the heart of Madison County, Iowa, serving Winterset, Greenfield, St. Charles, Earlham, and surrounding areas.


Durable, high quality facility and equipment.


Passionate, knowledgable, expert staff.