Kardio Kick Gym Fitness Boutique and Pro Shop

In addition to the great classes at Kardio Kick Gym, we also carry great exercise products we believe in.

New KKG Apparel for you! Check out our new togs! Get some for yourself or as a gift!

Order by downloading (click on the images below) and printing the order forms for the shirts you want. Turn them in to the front desk by Dec 3rd!
As always, if you have any questions call or email Marsha.
Live, Love, Lift. $24 Property Of. $14.99 Roster Crew. $44 Slouchy Sweatshirt. $38 Sunshine. $24

Kardio Kick Gym's Fitness Boutique is excited to carry high-quality active wear from Equilibrium.

A healthy exercise regimine is only part of a full-fitness lifestlye. Kardio Kick Gym's Pro Shop brings you the best in nutrional suppliments including Prime Drive, Complete Woman, Assault, Taze, V-Core, Amino Uptake, ISO-Z5 and many more!

About Us

Kardio Kick Gym is a family owned and operated fitness center. The owners, Ty and Marsha Mapes, have a passion for fitness, competitive edge, are enthusiasts, personal trainers, and often times are involved in competitions (such as weight bench pressing). You will always find the owners and many instructors on hand at the gym.

There will always be someone on hand that will show you how to use the equipment and weights so that you do it correctly, achieve results, and do not sustain injury. We feel it's important to know the equipment, and to have a good routine to follow, so you dont get bored or hurt.

Phone: (515) 468-0795
Email: Marsha@KardioKickGym.com
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Why Kardio Kick Gym?


Conveniently located in the heart of Madison County, Iowa, serving Winterset, Greenfield, St. Charles, Earlham, and surrounding areas.


Durable, high quality facility and equipment.


Passionate, knowledgable, expert staff.